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33 arrests on drug charges from Florida reverse sting operation

A team made up of county drug task force members, local Florida police, and the county sheriff's office made 33 arrests involving suspected drug offenders in Washington County. The arrests, which were the culmination of a six-month undercover reverse sting operation, took place around the Fourth of July holiday. The 33 individuals arrested all face varying drug charges.

Several of the suspects arrested were in possession of marijuana. According to the arresting officers, a total of about a half pound of the marijuana that was found was allegedly already packaged for sale. Bonds for the arrested individuals were set in amounts ranging between $1,000 and $60,000.

In one of the arrests, officers arrived at the home of a female suspect who was believed to be involved in the sale of methamphetamine. The officers were able to obtain consent to conduct a search of the premises and found what they allege to be a methamphetamine lab. All four residents of the home were subsequently arrested.

According to the combined task force team, seizures made during the entire arrest operation included about $2,600 in cash along with a confiscated vehicle. Regardless of the evidence seized and the information obtained through the undercover reverse sting operation, the 33 Florida individuals arrested and facing drug charges must be accorded legal protections the same as those that apply to all individuals accused of criminal acts. A vigorous defense may be able to show that some or all of the arrest warrants and information gained though the undercover operation were not obtained in the proper manner.

Source:, "33 Arrested During Roundup for Drug Charges," Kathy M. Foster, July 9, 2013

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